Friday, January 18, 2013

Military style

Tired of hearing about "military style" "assault weapons"?  Me too.

First of all, all guns were designed and developed first as military tools. So, they all are basically military style.  Real military assault weapons have automatic capability - what civilians call machine guns.  Civilian guns may have some cosmetic and design similarities, but they are not fully automatic rifles.  Those have been illegal since the '30's.

Today's classic deer gun was a WWII military assault rifle.  And in the revolution of 1716 many of the colonists actually had better and more advanced weapons than the British army.  Think Kentucky Rifle.

Pictured: Musket from the 1700's, Winchester repeating rifle from the 1800's, M1 from WWII.
Notice the angle between the shoulder stock and the barrel. It was constructed so that the rifleman could look down the barrel, but the angle results in a force vector that causes the gun to rise up in recoil.

Now notice the new design of the AR15 aka the M16 and a shorter version known as the M4.  The straight line results in less recoil and better accuracy.  Designers didn't do it just to frighten liberals and TV reporters.  Other design improvements include a telescoping stock on the M4.  That's great for women and smaller shooters. Two family members can use the same gun. A detachable magazine makes it easy to unload the gun and see that it is not loaded.

It is such a good design that even .22 cal plinkers are know made in that "scary military style".  It would be good if the people who wanted to write gun laws actually knew a little bit about guns.


  1. "Tired of hearing about "military style" "assault weapons"? Me too."

    Hey, me too! Any of the innumerable devices,tools, etc used in an assault are "assult weapons". The operative word here is "assault". Are we seeing any efforts to ban such items as nail guns or propane? I think not!

  2. My grandson and I went squirrel hunting with my Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 the other day. Didn't have to fire a shot. Squirrels just fell outta the trees, scared to death.

  3. M4e,

    If you want to get squirrels just come up here to my complex. A good sling-shot will get your quota in no time! Then if you're interested in geese, well the coyotes have been slacking lately and I'm sure won't object to the competition!

    1. That's more than my heart could stand, JB!

      After we've scared all the squirrels to death with the SW MP 15-22, we could wave the 12ga pistol grip Mossberg 500 Cruiser riot shotgun in front of the geese. When we get finished with picking up all the geese that just fell over from fright after seeing the shotgun, we could go after the coyotes. When those coyotes see that .223 Bushmaster with the NcStar 3-9x4 tactical 30mm scope mounted on it and the six-30 round magazines coming at them, there's no way they can survive the shock and awe.

      Man! This is gonna be great! All this dead stuff around us and never fired a shot!

      (In the back of my mind, something tells me the little animals are not going to be as impressed or intimidated with the cosmetics of these 'assault weapons' [NOT!] as their dippy, human counterparts seem to be.)


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