Thursday, January 31, 2013

The other alternative

The other alternative is to let the many and the strong do what they will.

 Home Invasion Suspect Dies Of Gunshot Wound.
One man was killed and another shot in the leg when they, along with three others, allegedly participated in a home invasion Monday evening where the residents fought back. . . . Fairborn Police Sgt. Paul Hicks said the only motive they’ve uncovered was that the subjects intended to rob the home. Two Wright State University students who live at 1006 Victoria Ave. were home when the intruders entered. Trent Seitz, 21, reportedly struggled with the men and was ordered to the floor. He called out for his roommate, Christopher Muse, who told police that he grabbed a gun and fired at the men.
UDATE - two more stories this morning

  Home invasion suspect arrested after woman opens fire.

Gun Control Activist Protesting How Easy it is to Buy Guns, is a Rapist.

And of course this:  California unable to disarm 19,700 felons and mentally ill people.
California authorities are empowered to seize weapons owned by convicted felons and people with mental illness, but staff shortages and funding cuts have left a backlog of more than 19,700 people to disarm, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.


  1. To the first two: I just love success stories.

    To the third one: It figures.

    To the fourth one: it could all be taken care of if California WILL EVER drop off into the sea.

  2. M4e,


    Why do I think that there would be NO "manpower" problem if California wanted to confiscate all the firearms held by honest, sane citizens?

    1. Criminals are not a threat to an Authoritarian government. The criminals keep people afraid and thus dependent on the government. It is the honest, and fearless man who is dangerous and must be weakened. We could make such a change in this society if our government actively promoted morality and productivity.

    2. I am praying for that Wright State student.... those poor boys were just "joking." He clearly over-reacted when he began firing away.


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