Monday, January 7, 2013

Who needs a big magazine?

Brave Mom Shoots Intruder 5 Times to Save Twins.
The truly frightening incident began Friday afternoon in Loganville, Georgia. A woman was working from home while her 9-year-old twins, who had the day off from school, were playing downstairs.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she heard knocks on the door around noon, but ignored them because she figured it was someone selling something. But as the knocks grew more persistent, she became worried. So she got the twins and took them with her into a crawlspace that was connected to her office in the attic.

From there they heard a man, later identified as Paul Slater, break into their home with a crowbar then start going through their things. It's hard to imagine just how terrified they had to be in there, trying not to make a sound, trying not to panic, especially as he made his way up into the attic.

But when he opened the door to where they were hiding, he got a surprise. He found himself "staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver," Sheriff Joe Chapman told the paper. The mother fired six bullets, hitting him in the face and neck five times.

Even though she was out of bullets, she told him she'd shoot again if he moved. So as he lay there crying, she ran with her children to a neighbor's house. Slater was trying to flee the home in his car when police captured him.

Good for her. He was not there to just take a TV. And note, 5 hits and the intruder was still moving, still trying to escape. People miss (the mom missed once). Sometimes there are more than one intruder. A handgun with 10-15 rounds is not excessive.


  1. I have said many time "'NEED" has nothing to do with it. It is "WANT'"---In the article above NEED was demonstrated as a factor and should never be discounted...

  2. It sounds like "NEED", in this case, was for a higher capacity magazine given that the six round limitation didn't, completely, get the job done! I wonder if this @$$#0le can now sue her?

  3. The propaganda war against the 2nd Amendment is long standing. For years the ruling elite have suggested that the American citizen is so unstable, so violent that the mere proximity of a gun will cause death or a near death.
    However the data is clear. We know who(in overwhelming proportions)causes gun related homicides: criminals.
    “Insofar as studies focus on perpetrators, they show that neither a majority, nor many, nor virtually any murderers are ordinary “law‐abiding citizens.” Rather, almost all murderers are extremely aberrant individuals with life histories of violence, psychopathology, substance abuse, and other dangerous behaviors. “The vast majority of persons involved in life threatening violence have a long criminal record with many prior contacts with the justice system.”
    For so long Americans have been told by our own experts and media, and government that we are the most violent nation on the planet and the culprit? Firearms. It has been repeated so often that most people accept it as part of our American identity.


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