Sunday, February 10, 2013

Injured reserve

Libby the Wonder Dog, Therapy Dog, and my constant companion injured herself.  She is an exuberant dog, always full of energy.  A few days ago she took a running jump off the two-step patio to the lawn below and tore her ACL ligament in her left knee.  She's made that leap thousands of times, but this time hit wrong or the knee just wore out.

She's had surgery to put the knee back together and now it's lots of TLC and some amateur, but vet directed PT.


  1. Best of luck to you and your pooch. One of our dogs, a pound pup who appears to have some cocker and some Australian shepherd in him, tore an ACL in a friendly wrestle with a friend's dog. Our vet wouldn't operate due to his age, which was 10 at the time, and recommended low-dose aspirin until the pain went away. The dog is 16 now and still amazingly active despite having a gimp in his get-along. Our best wishes to Libby.

  2. Best of the best to Libby--truly THE wonder dog.

  3. If I were there, I'd give Libby LOTS of TLC! Big hugs (without hurting her!) to Libby. Get well SOON, Libby. Love ya!
    -- Uncle Mac

  4. Hey Gene,

    Pat told me about this the other night as we were having a conversation about the amazing resilience of dogs. She will do fine!

  5. All,

    Thanks for your kind wishes and thoughts. She is doing pretty good, putting a little weight on the leg. Everything seems to be healing up.



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