Friday, February 1, 2013

Spectacularly Incompetent

Our current political class is so poor that it would take a spectacularly incompetent politician to stand out.   Chuck Hagel managed just that with a job application performance that made even dumbest of Democrats cringe.

It used to be a principle of management that A-level bosses hired A-level subordinates.  They wanted the best they could get.

B-level bosses hired C-level and D-level subordinates.  They were (despite, or because of, raging narcissism) they could not stand a challenge.

Mr. Obama nominated Mr. Hagel.  I rest my case.

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  1. Gene,

    I may have mentioned this before. I, for a time, had a 2nd residence in NW Nebraska.
    All of my conservative friends eshewed then Senator Hagel in favor of Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat! What is/was B.O.'s motive for picking Hagel, in the first place? Whatever, I bet it's not a good one!


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