Monday, February 4, 2013

Training Day

I spent the weekend participating in a gun training class. I belong to a local club that provides NRA classes. The club uses the local Department of Wildlife - Hunter Education building and range. There are ten stations so we enroll ten students at a time.

This class consisted of seven women and three men. That ratio is not so unusual of late. For at least the last year or two, more women than men have been taking the class. In fact, my wife was in this class.

And, many of the women, like my wife, are experienced enough in life to know why they are taking the class. So are the younger women - I just wanted to make the point that the typical media portrayal of a gun nut couldn't be further from the reality.

NRA Photo

The AARP would be surprised and dismayed to see how many sweet little grandmothers have decided to learn something about guns and self-defense.

The first class of the weekend is the NRA Basic Pistol Class. The class covers types of handguns, how they work, basic safety rules, and beginning shooting beginning shooting. There is classroom time in the morning and range instruction and practice in the afternoon.

The second class is the NRA Personal Protection in the Home. More class time in the morning that includes lots of information on home safety and a presentation by a local law enforcement volunteer on the law and other topics. There is more range time in the afternoon.

You don't need to own a handgun to take the class. In fact if you are thinking about buying a gun then take the class first. The club has handguns that students can use and the student can try both revolvers and semi-autos.

You don't need to be a beginner either. The class fulfills the Colorado requirement for a CCW permit so more than a few experience shooters have taken the class. Everybody learns something new.
If interested contact the Grand Valley Training Club at 464-5177


  1. Good news Gene, very good! I hope that this is indicative of American society, at large.

  2. I seem to remember something about this


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