Sunday, March 3, 2013

A government goes insane

From the New York Times   The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking
THIRTEEN years ago, researchers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum began the grim task of documenting all the ghettos, slave labor sites, concentration camps and killing factories that the Nazis set up throughout Europe.
When the research began in 2000, Dr. Megargee said he expected to find perhaps 7,000 Nazi camps and ghettos, based on postwar estimates. But the numbers kept climbing — first to 11,500, then 20,000, then 30,000, and now 42,500.

The numbers astound: 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1,000 prisoner-of-war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, “Germanizing” prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers.

In Berlin alone, researchers have documented some 3,000 camps and so-called Jew houses, while Hamburg held 1,300 sites.

Dr. Dean, a co-researcher, said the findings left no doubt in his mind that many German citizens, despite the frequent claims of ignorance after the war, must have known about the widespread existence of the Nazi camps at the time.

“You literally could not go anywhere in Germany without running into forced labor camps, P.O.W. camps, concentration camps,” he said. “They were everywhere.”

Remember, this was a society that allowed only the government to have guns.

The founders were well aware of what government excess can do and that is the purpose and reason for the second amendment. Thinking it could never happen here is a ticket to a holocaust.


  1. If you (any of you) ever get the chance to visit the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. Take it. I spent the entire morning there a few years back and only viewed about half of the displays.

    If I ever get the chance to go back I will revisit.

  2. I view the 2nd Amendment as the "KEYSTONE" of the Constitution. Those who would see the Constitution crumble, to satisfy their short term and ill concieved agendas, must first remove Keystone. B.O. and his child like minions are attempting just that!

  3. This is a work of serious dedication. They propose 5 volumes from the documents available to them. This news story is the result of the 2nd volume being completed. The team working on this may not all live to see its completion.
    I guess it is hard work to document all the people ruined and killed by an all powerful government.
    Gene, this line is great: "Thinking it could never happen here is a ticket to a holocaust."


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