Monday, March 18, 2013

Changing the rules

There is something loathsome about someone joining a club or organization or church and then trying to change the defining rules.  And if people are not a members of the organization they have no legitimate standing to comment on the defining rules of the organization.

I just saw some liberals on NBC TV telling the Pope and Church what they should do and how they should do it.

I'm not a Catholic because I cannot accept all the doctrine.  So I joined another church.  There is no shortage of options.

These talking TV liberals speak in serious tones about changing the Catholic religious doctrine on birth control and abortion.  They tell us the Church simply must accept gay marriage and women priests.

Liberals think their world view is holy.  They try to convert the rest of the world with all the fervor of the Islamic sword. They simply cannot tolerate difference or diversity of thought. (Although they get all high on diversity of skin color)

You know, I could be a Democrat if they would just change their doctrine on abortion, and gay marriage, and gun control, and taxation, and foreign policy, and.....

Most Dems would think the above statement nonsense.  It's exactly the same lecture on what to do and how to do it they tell the Catholic Church.


  1. Well Gene, what can we expect from a bunch of reprobates (one in particular) who assume power and try to "fundamentally CHANGE America", in part by scrapping our most "defining rules"; soon to be remembered as the Constitution! Any tolerance that I may have ever had for Democrats ends when they "TREAD ON ME"!!! So I guess that I may now be colored intolerant, as well.

  2. JonBerg, I guess I'm colored too...


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