Saturday, March 16, 2013

City of Grand Junction referred measures on ballot

There are two ballot issues on the city ballot.

Ref A asks the good citizens of Grand Junction to allow Brady Trucking to use their own property to expand business and jobs in Mesa County.

The alternative is to allow the central planners control of how all property in Grand Junction is used. The planners will only allow use that meets their "vision of the future"

Vote YES on A.

Ref B ask the voters to waive TABOR (Tax Payers Bill Of Rights, Colorado Constitution Amendment 1) requirements so that the city can spend all the tax money it takes in. This is directly contrary to the purpose of TABOR. Spending more always increases the size of government. And when the "free" extra tax money runs out who is going to pay for all the expanded programs? That's right - it's you.

Vote NO on B.

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