Monday, March 25, 2013

Experts - just ask them

Cuomo’s 7-Bullet Limit to Be Suspended Indefinitely
The ban on magazines holding more than seven bullets was set to start April 15. Cuomo has said the law needs to be rolled back because manufacturers don’t make seven-round holders.
The suspension means magazines holding up to 10 rounds will continue to be sold. Other pieces of Cuomo’s gun law, including measures that close loopholes in a 2000 assault weapons ban that Cuomo said had more holes than Swiss cheese and tougher background checks for sales, won’t be touched by the changes.
Politicians who couldn't get a job as a clerk, suddenly become expert managers on the topic of the day. Maybe they should have learned something about guns before ramming through major laws.

Colorado's own idiots Dems are no better. The "crafted" a magazine law that will make almost all mags unlawful. Expect lots of lawsuits and rollbacks.

What's scary is that the mechanism of firearms is pretty simple.  These same "experts are writing law on medicine and education, and practically every aspect of your life


  1. All these laws would have put one holder in jail for what he did.

  2. Making mistakes just give them something else to legislate; to make better.
    "Historically, liberalism is a top-down revolution. It uses the power of the government to reform society—through control of public education, through the courts, through executive orders, through bureaucratic agencies."

  3. I didn't see it here but I remember hearing that Cuomo's change to a 10 round mag. requires that it still can't contain more than 7 rounds. I don't know how true that is but I do know how insane it is if it's true!


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