Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grand Junction City Council Election

Ballots for the Grand Junction city election have been mailed.  For what it's worth, here's my take.

First a little advice from Rick Wagner, Sentinel columnist, radio show guy and proprietor of the War on Wrong:  Voters can change free-spending City Council
Finally, an opportunity to clean up the mess at Grand Junction City Hall. That’s not a terrifically specific statement, given the number of possible scenarios, but let’s start with…(The rest is behind the Sentinel paywall. Read it if you can, but you get the idea.)
Second, this is the City Council that is largely responsible for the disastrous reign of city manager Laurie Kadrich. 

Remember that this city council built a police building by going around the voters and using questionable financing schemes that obligated voters without their approval.

Remember that Bill Pitts, candidate and former mayor just happened to consult with Kadrich about a "much needed city project in his front yard".  It was after he became an elected member of the Grand Junction City Council that his problem was remedied, with costs running nearly $44,000.

I started with  wanting to see new blood and get rid of the incumbents.

More information on candidates are available at these sites.

Ten candidates running for four city council seats in Grand Junction (Grand Junction Free Press)

Grand Junction City Council candidate questionnaire responses (Grand Junction Business Times)

Here's how I'm voting:

District A -  Phyllis Norris
District D -  Martin Chazen
District E -  Duncan McArthur
At Large  -  Rick Brainard

No candidate is perfect, but these seem to have strong financial and business backgrounds.  They have expressed a desire to slow down city spending.


  1. That There is ten candidates for four positions on the counsel indicates a problem within the ranks of the counsel itself.

  2. I attended the meeting at City Hall last night. Rick Brainard was not there, but the other nine were.
    The Tabor override (referendum B) was an immediate point of delineation.
    Every candidate you mentioned Gene, wanted to abide by Tabor, all the rest did not. Their mantra was must build more, bigger and better and Tabor is an impediment.
    It was an interesting evening. We don't own the fancy new police station, it is leased from someone.... and City Hall is collateral for the baseball field. The Federal and State government control our main thoroughfares, the ones so necessary for attracting businesses. Home sweet Home....


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