Friday, March 29, 2013

Tired of Politically Correct speech?

Alaska Rep. Don Young walks back 'wetbacks'

Just once I'd like to hear a politician look a hyper-ventilating reporter in the eye and say, "Bite me."  I would immediately send a $1000 to his/her re-election campaign.

Just quit apologizing all over yourselves.

The essence of free speech is the freedom to offend.  If you are always afraid of offending some victim group, you do not have free speech.


  1. You call it political correctness. Brown people call it an insult. They vote. Keep insulting them and they'll keep voting for Democrats. As a private citizen you are free to offend whom you wish. As an elected member of Congress, Young's comments are not helpful to the GOP.

  2. The key is that the easily offended are also very loud and vindictive. Various individuals of various color have resisted superficiality and developed productive and frequently laudatory lives. There is a causal effect here. Those who resist the character-destroying bitterness, build an internal strength by which they can overcome obstacles.
    I wonder what our society will be like when the superficial and vindictive outnumber the appeasers?

  3. Funny thing, I've heard the term "wet back" used by far more Hispanic citizens than non-Hispanic citizens. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find that term being used by Hispanic American Border Agents, as well. PC sucks!

  4. Well, then, fine. Keep losing elections.

    Meanwhile, have a happy Easter.

    1. If people vote for a party of destructive principles - the Dems have been promising redemption for 50? years - instead of principles that produce economic freedom and prosperity, then they deserve what they get.

      The Dems have been promising "jam tomorrow forever. Jam tomorrow, not today. And it never comes. Blacks are worse off under Obama than Bush by any measure.

      Give me freedom and prosperity and call me a drunken Irishman - I don't care.

  5. "Dems............they deserve what they get."

    Yes, but WE don't!


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