Saturday, March 9, 2013


I haven't been writing much.  I'm waiting and watching the battle over gun rights in the Colorado Senate. Here's video report from Denver 9News. The Colorado Dems are getting national attention from everywhere including the White House.
Also in a stunning display of religious ferocity the  Colo. Democrats give initial OK to magazine limits .  Why worry about jobs now? Company will move if Colorado approves gun control
Unnoticed amid dozens of tract homes in the Denver suburbs, a nondescript industrial building is suddenly in the middle of the gun control debate in Colorado. The company, started in an ex-Marine's basement in 1999, is in a standoff with Colorado Democrats who want to restrict the size of ammunition magazines after mass shootings in a suburban Denver movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school. Magpul has issued lawmakers an ultimatum potentially worth millions: Pass the bill, and the business will move.


  1. I would find more reliability in (2) 15 round magazines than (1) 30 round magazine any day. I also think that the back ground check, as proposed, is quite over-the-top, too punitive and un-enforcable. Criminals will NOT go through the CBI to transfer firearms to each other. Our Law Makers lack knowledge of firearms and, most of all, common sense!

  2. This news report is misleading. Nothing new there. They labeled the bill that requires private sales to have background checks as "mandates more background checks."
    I spent most of the day watching the live video. I learned much about the bills, and about our republican senators. I learned very little about the dems as they were silent and hidden from view. They only showed up when required and made proclamations from on high--very aloof. It was clear they only had one job and that was to not be moved by any logic or reason. I imagine the republicans felt like they were talking to themselves but many of us were listening out here in the hinterlands.


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