Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Assault weapon

He used a high-capacity assault/war/hardware-store/ battle knife. Some politicians call for ban, registration, background checks. Say it's outrageous that anyone can walk into a Home Depot and walk out with a lethal weapon.

Texas College Stabbing Update: Dylan Quick, 20, allegedly fantasized about stabbing people since childhood
Authorities said 20-year-old student Dylan Quick was charged Tuesday night with carrying out a building-to-building attack with a razor-type knife at a Texas community college that wounded at least 14 people, many of whom were stabbed in the face and neck.
I know that the opening statement is frivolous and un-serious, but it is exactly the same as all the dumb gun arguments. This incident is a reminder that things can be useful tools or dangerous weapons. 

Only people are dangerous.


  1. I hate to give the "gun grabbers" any ideas but I can imagine them saying to the effect: See, if this perp would have a firearm all of those injured by the knife would be dead!

  2. That's exactly what they're saying, and they're right. Something with a 30-round magazine would have killed all 14 and more.

    P.S. Nobody is taking your guns.

    1. Oh? They are taking them already in New York State.

      Contrary to big media myth a gunshot is not instantly lethal. People can and do survive multiple wounds.

      Knives can kill and don't need to be reloaded.

  3. Nobody is taking a gun away from anybody else in New York State. You can yammer all you want that guns are being taken from law-abiding citizens, but you cannot come up with a specific, verifiable case.

    Try to stick to the facts. Debate is good for the country, but jacking around with stuff that's made up is not.

    1. " specific, verifiable case? Check out the NYS SAFE Act post.

  4. so you think people who are nuts should have guns?

  5. "so you think people who are nuts should have guns?"

    Well, I don't but because there are so many "nuts" I sure as #e!! think that I should have "guns"; lots of em'!


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