Saturday, April 20, 2013


'We got him!' Fugitive 'bomber' captured ALIVE after he was found hiding inside a BOAT in backyard of Boston home.
Complete story and pictures at the link.

We have the terrorists who made the bombs. But, they did not just wake up some morning with the skills and attitudes necessary to make bombs that would kill and maim.

The next step is to find out who made the terrorist brothers Tsarnaev.

This is important to think about,  Clare Toohey writes:
So, as tactical officers, 9 deep, hang off urban military assault vehicles, they feel great. I look at those things rumbling through empty streets and feel sick.

Bad guy #2 was bleeding for 20 hours outside the perimeter the cops and FBI had set. That was a miscalculation I wouldn’t dream of second guessing, but luckily for all of us, a regular guy noticed the torn and bloody tarp on the boat parked out back and called it in. They answered the 911 call and did what was required–excellent! But if Average Joe hadn’t noticed, how long would the officials have kept the city locked down? But I expect we’ll hear how important it is that they have more domestic P.D. paramilitary, oh yeah, and that CISPA that just passed under the radar was a must.

Law enforcement has been working very hard, but how about a little recognition that this was another instance when an alert citizen rose up, without official permission or sanction, to take reasonable, effective steps?


  1. Yes indeedee, as per usual the private citizen who was smart enough to check out his boat and find the suspect is not given the credit due him. The police and FBI will probably interrogate this private citizen more harshly then the alien bombing suspect.

  2. dean0,

    "The police and FBI will probably interrogate this private citizen more harshly then the alien bombing suspect."

    Sadly, you may just be right!


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