Wednesday, April 3, 2013

City Elections

Mesa County Election Results

The Grand Junction City election was yesterday.  This morning results look good.  It looks like the citizens "threw the bums out".

Grand Life endorsed Phyllis Norris, Rick Brainard, and Marty Chazen  and they seem to have won.   Harry Butler was voted into office again.  He seems to be a perennial place holder, alternating positions on the city council and the school board.

Also the two referendums went the way Grand Life hoped.  Referred Measure A was a victory for Brady Trucking. The trucking company won a dispute with the city over zoning and property rights. It was a pro jobs and pro business vote.

In Referred Measure B the voters denied the city a TABOR exemption, and upheld the right of taxpayers to limit the size and scope of government spending.

I hope this election is an indicator of the mood and direction of voters in 2014.

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  1. Good news. Maybe we can maintain control of our own city for a few more years by keeping outside money (both private and government) away.


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