Thursday, April 4, 2013

Democrat stupidity on display

Really - this women is too stupid to pack her own lunch.  Yet, she is a federal Representative.  She has no idea how guns work.  She does not know what a magazine is.  She apparently thinks that once the bullets have been fired from a magazine it is disposed of.  She apparently does not know that magazines can be reloaded.

Note the laughter in the room at this amazingly stupid speech.

Realize also she is just as clueless about medicine, and she is writing/voting laws on how your doctor can manage your health.

And she is just as clueless about the environment, farming, fracking, etc. What is it about politicians in general and Dems in particular that make them think they are experts on everything just because the won a few votes?


  1. “When men are most sure and arrogant, they are commonly most mistaken, giving view to passion without that proper deliberation which alone can secure them from the grossest absurdities.” David Hume (contemporary of Adam Smith)

    Maybe arrogant is the best descriptor for these people. They are fundamentally incapable of admitting error and therefore correcting it.

  2. Gene,

    I remember getting my Letter To The Editor printed in the Rocky Mountain News, back in the Clinton days, about how ignorant she was regarding the ammo magazines she was trying to ban, way back then! This dolt has learned nothing in 20 years!

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  4. DeGette is a blowhard from Denver. Always has been. Her first term in office she took it upon herself to write a wilderness bill for the Western Slope, the wish list of the Sierra Club. She didn't bother to consult with the 3rd District congressman or either of our two senators and made a complete ass out of herself. The bill died without a hearing.

    She stays in office with excellent constituent service, a trick Scott Tipton should learn. But other than that, she's an idiot.

    I wonder why you guys think this is news.

    1. You are right - it's not news that a Democratic politician is stupid. But this is not a newspaper - it's commentary.

  5. Morever, the people that elect and reelect her are "IDIOTS"!


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