Monday, April 22, 2013

Liberals warn about a rush to judgement

Harris-Perry: Bombers’ Muslim Faith As Relevant To Bombing As Ben Affleck Movies About Violence In Boston

Jump to conclusions? Look at this List of Islamic terrorist attacks around the world.

The truth was obvious to Mark Steyn back in 2002.
Unlike Mr Fisk, I don’t have decades of expertise in the finer points of Islamic culture, so when people make certain statements and their acts conform to those statements I tend to take them at their word. As Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, neatly put it, ‘We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.’ The first choice of Islamists is to kill Americans and Jews, or best of all an American Jew — like Daniel Pearl, the late Wall Street Journal reporter. Failing that, they’re happy to kill Australians, Britons, Canadians, Swedes, Germans, as they did in Bali. We are all infidels.
I'll take them at their word.


  1. This is a good article along these same lines

  2. Here in-lies the the problem...We all want a fair trial. This individual is a naturalized citizen under false pretense. We all also know he is guilty of the crimes, so there is no proving innocence or guilt in any trial that may take place. What will take place is this. Lawyers for the defense will endeavor to prove that this person is "not guilty" for any number of reasons [ a) insanity, b) under duress from his older brother ] and there will be a whole bunch of other motions and exceptions made, the trial will not occur within any reasonable time frame, and even if an when a trial does occur the results of it will be prolonged beyond any effective deterrent advantage. The over all effect that this will have on our society is that as a people we not be able to decisively eliminate evil from within our midst with any sort of immediacy if at all. This inability to adjudicate criminals will and has already had a detrimental consequence to our society in that we allow evil to exist. We as a free people need to be able to purge evil from our midst quickly and decisively.

    There was a time when a traitor to any country was taken out and shot immediately. There was a time when a traitor or traitors were given a trial and then taken out and executed expeditiously. This did have the desired effect. However this is no longer the case and evil has been on the rise in our society and will continue to infect us and other societies like a cancer until we (the free honest law abiding) say enough is enough and take decisive action to curtail the growth of the evil that pervades us.

  3. So right deanO. A free society is built on trust and injustice breaks that trust.


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