Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Senators and other idiots

Senators urge background checks for gun shows, Internet sales ahead of key test vote
Two prominent senators announced a proposed compromise on the thorny issue of gun background checks, urging mandatory checks for gun-show and Internet sales while exempting certain private transactions -- ahead of a key test vote Thursday.
Perhaps they are unaware that Internet sales are already illegal?

Background Check Compromise Would Close Nonexistent Online Gun Sale Loophole

And, dealers at gun shows must already run background checks. 

The Media - too lazy to check anything Dems or libs say.


  1. "The Media - too lazy to check anything Dems or libs say. "

    That just speaks volumes for a whole host of subjects!!!!

  2. This shows just how "out of touch" these political hacks really are.

  3. …and it seems as though our elected officials are too lazy to read the existing laws.

    Why not enforce what we have (including immigration and illegal drug laws)?


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