Monday, May 13, 2013

Hamburger Month - Part II

May: National Hamburger Month!

One of Nancy's favorites is the blue cheese burger.  We like the variation that puts the cheese inside the patty, instead of on top.  Additional toppings of lettuce, tomato, and a bit of blue cheese dressing completes the package.

Split the hamburger into four sections and then cut each section in half.  Add about an ounce of blue cheese and a bit of butter.  Season with salt and pepper and close up the two halves.  Press around the outside of the patty to seal in the cheese.

Add a little lettuce and tomato to the top of the grilled burger.  Spread a little bit of blue cheese dressing on the bun instead of ketchup of mustard.


  1. Yummers! This one sounds good.

  2. Two things:
    1. I had always heard the Blue Cheese in any of its various form was poison.
    2. What no onions?


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