Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Small bars - Short rolls - Thin fabric

Inflation is evident when it takes more dollars to buy the same product.  But, it is not always readily apparent that it is taking more dollars. Sometimes the manufacturer shrinks the unit to hold the price of each sales unit.

It is still price inflation, but a little harder to spot.  It is the smaller candy bar for the "same " price.  Same unit price but higher per ounce price.

And it's not just food.  Take a look at the current width of a TP roll.  Notice how much space is on each edge.  Chances are your roll holder was made for a standard width that has gone out of production.  It is the same with paper towels.  Cut the width and the overall amount of paper is reduced.

My wife has been working on a project that call for small pieces of fabric.    She had a little trouble finding  a quality product.  It seems like the current offering, especially at discount stores is often  thin and of poor quality.  The cheap stuff doesn't hold up and clogs the sewing machine.

Quality and size are reduced in order to hold the price - for now.


  1. Adding to the money supply (printing press) with no real added value (productivity) has but one result, decreased value of currency being held (inflation)! I submit that precieved gains in the Stock Market do little more than equalize the buying power, otherwise lost to inflation, and given that such gains exist 'on paper' and are subject to abrupt change (downward) the situation remains tenuous, at best. I would characterize our present economic situation as a sort of "Fantasy Land"! If the present situation continues I'm more and more concerned that U.S. Currency will cease to be the World's Reserve Currency. If that happens we will be in such deep $#i! I don't know how we would ever recover!

  2. We will really have to start / or finish worrying when the paper bills ($1.00 et al) are being made smaller. I spect by then we will be seeing the obamster's photo all all denominations.


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