Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unlawful legislature

The Colorado legislature has sent an interesting message to the residents of the state.

 If there is a law you don't agree with, just ignore that pesky law.

Driver’s licenses for undocumented illegal immigrants passes House

People breaking federal law are given a pass because Dem legislators have a big heart (and small brain).

Breaking federal law is OK in the State of Colorado? How about breaking Colorado laws in the county of Mesa? Especially if I think feel those laws are wrong.


  1. That is the way liberals and progressives work. The laws are made for other people and NOT for them.

  2. I'm hoping we get at least one of these "enlightened ones" recalled. It might make some of them re-think their elite-est attitude.
    They have no fear of poorly constructed bills, because it gives them an excuse for additional bills that "fix" the problems, and it "proves" they are needed.

  3. The Federal Supermacy Clause of the US Constitution appears to be going by way of Amendments: 1,2,4 etc; that is to HELL!

  4. Ignore the law as in some sheriffs saying they won't enforce the ones they disagree with?


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