Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Elite vision of a dinosaur Library

The people who run the library have been wanting and wanting a new building.  At first they asked the good voters of Mesa County.  The voters said no to more funds for more building.  The people who run the library wanted more space, hanging out space, meeting space, maybe even a coffee shop.  The people who run the library wanted to be just like a big public Borders.  Never mind that Border's strategy did not work so well.  The people who run the library knew "they could do it right".  They found the money and they spent it.

The old library didn't have a lot of extra space.  It just had lots of tightly packed shelves of books.  In fact I thought that was what a library was for.  The people who run the library have a different view.

From KREX:
The new facility is 9,000 square feet larger than the old building, providing room for several new features.

A new community room with a capacity of about 200 people was built to accommodate larger groups at the library.

At the request of several library patrons, six study rooms were built that can hold 4-6 people. (emphasis added)

Lots more space, lots fewer books.  Really.  Had to get rid of a lot of those old bindings.  Didn't look good. 
A large amount of windows allow for more natural light into the building, especially compared to the old facility and the replacement building Mesa County Libraries used during the construction period.
Natural light!! What could be more wonderful? How about enough light to see the titles on the shelves?  I felt like I had to strap a flashlight to my forehead.

The new facility also provides outdoor space for visitors to enjoy the weather when it cooperates.
It's also a great place for library employees to enjoy breaks and lunch. Doesn't the whole spiel sound more like a recreational facility than a library?

The library also brags about an improved  parking arrangement around the site. Mostly that means one has to walk farther.  In fact with all that space everyone is going to be walking farther just to get a book.  Something to think about since a good number of the patrons are elderly (and that goes for the light level too).

The people who run the library spent almost $7 million dollars on this dinosaur.  The city has plenty of unused meeting rooms at Two Rivers. What a library needs is books, not a lounge area where the "temporarily" homeless can look at a little porn.

Think of the number of digital books they could have bought for $7 million dollars. The people who run the library could have bought 15,000 kindle readers to give away and at $12 a book about 500,000 new books for downloading.

Whether it's  a school or a library, brick and mortar are the past. The future is digital.

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  1. When you are spending someone else's money there is no limit to how much and how fast you spend it.


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