Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just crazy

This spring Grand Junction voters reacted, to a city council wildly out of touch and hell-bent on spending and growing government, by voting the spenders out.  New councilors promised to listen and by fiscally responsible.

Special Meeting Ends with Clear Vision for Avalon Theatre
Last week, city council members were split in their votes of whether or not to commit to the $3 million (more than the city spends on streets)  promised by the last council.

... city council members agreed to move forward with plan B, they will need to make that decision final at Wednesday's city council meeting.

In other news...

The Curious Case of Marco Rubio: Amnesty Flip-Flopper

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s anti-amnesty platform in the 2010 Senate election flips to support for the Senate’s pending immigration bill.

And the ever popular speculation: The inside story on how (and why)  Roberts changed his Supreme Court vote on Obamacare

Gee whiz, it's like there is some secret conspiracy, some massive government agency that monitors emails, and phone calls, and internet porn surfing. And then when politicians get out line - "theaten" to rein in government - then the message appears, "you wouldn't want to make us mad..."

Naw, that's just crazy.

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  1. It is just too easy to spend someone else s money.


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