Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dangerous Liaisons

Carlos and Mrs Danger

Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, erects a new scandal.

Weiner and wife thrust into the spotlight again.  I don't question why he kept cheating on his wife -   he's a democrat politician.  What I do question is why she standing beside him.


  1. dean0 is right about the power trip with cheating pols. But it's hardly limited to Democrats. how about Vitter and Sanford? Politicians love the ego trip, the groupies and the attention. Many of them then transfer what passes for thinking to their little heads.

  2. Someone has bought both of them, though maybe not the same person or group for each. New York City is quite a plum, but most candidates who would pursue that office would be strong minded, willful. These two show themselves to be malleable, though not for the same reasons. If New Yorkers accept them, then the future should be very interesting.

  3. found this on

    There once was a tweeter named Weiner,
    Who had a perverted demeanor.
    He was thrown off the Hill, For acting like Bill,
    And now they are one Weiner leaner



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