Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interesting times

There is an old curse attributed to the Chinese.  "May you live in interesting times."

The times, they are interesting.  So much is happening that I sometimes cannot focus on one thing to write about.

Off the top of my head we have the unsolved problems of:
  • Fast and Furious, the gun running scandal
  • The IRS targeting of conservative groups and other political interference. with the election
  • The IRS party scandal - taxes for porn and parties
  • The IRS crony scheme of diverting money for disabled vets.
  • The National Security Agency spying on email and internet use
  • The mystery of Benghazi - why were they left to die
  • The civil war in Syria - they crossed Obama's red line
  • The developing crisis is Egypt.
  • Obama is orchestrating a failure and retreat in Afghanistan
  • Obama's mid-east policy of smart diplomacy is looking like a failure - Iran moves to nukes
  • Europe has lost that lovin' feeling
  • The amnesty - illegal immigrant protection and permanent Dem majority bill
  • The dictatorial moralizing of the Supreme Court
  • The utter failure of the media to fulfill it's function as truth telling guardian of freedom
  • The threaten nation wide riot if Zimmerman is acquitted
  • Housing prices are stagnant
  • Jobless rate remain too high
  • The economy is frozen
Truly this is the most incompetent president in history leading a corrupt and failed administration.

From Roger Simon:  Is America in a Pre-Revolutionary State this July 4th?
“Ironically, if our society enters a revolutionary phase, liberals will find themselves in the role of the Islamists, defending a shopworn and reactionary ideology on religious grounds, because it is only their faith that holds their ideas together at this point. The facts of the American decline tell us otherwise.”

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  1. Well since we are on the singing thing here. The righteous brothers sang a song, "you've lost that loving feeling" . Now we are singing "We've got that sinking, feeling".


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