Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The wonder of New York City

A. Weiner, former self-portrait artist, is running for mayor

Disgraced ex-governor, client #9, Elliot Spitzer is running for NYC comptroller. He's a guy who spent $3000 a night for a whore, more than $80,000 over several years.

In an odd twist, the ex-governor — who resigned in 2008 amid a high-priced call girl scandal — will be competing against Kristin Davis, the ex-madam who says she supplied him with hookers and who is running for the comptroller position.

Feeling jaded about politics yet?


  1. So, what is up with A.W. ear? Looks extra goofy.

  2. Only in New York, where the political scene is so screwy it's only good for entertainment. But it provides lots of entertainment.


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