Friday, August 23, 2013

Fleming gets it right

Frank J. Fleming
Guessing about politicians’ personal lives based on their work performance, I’ve always just assumed there are three or four serial killers in Congress. You don’t get to $16 trillion in debt unless you have a few people involved who think it’s okay to butcher people for pleasure — that just seems like common sense. And I thought we were okay with this. But looking at the public’s recent reactions to these two politicians, I now get the sense that if a murdered prostitute were found in a senator’s car, people would be all upset by that. And Harry Reid would probably be just as confused as Filner and Weiner are now as to why we’d then want him out of office.

I’m sorry, but people can’t be this awful at their jobs without also being huge creeps in everything else; no one is that schizophrenic. People don’t seem to understand that, though.( Read the whole thing...)

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