Wednesday, August 28, 2013

War drums


Richard Fernandez
Obama’s responses to adversity have been typical. It must be Rush Limbaugh’s fault. His handlers apply euphemisms like ‘miscalculated’, ‘unexpected’ or ‘difficult’ as synonyms for the unutterable word ‘blunder’. Or else the tame press argue that America’s influence in the world was bound decline anyway and Obama’s made the best of a bad hand inherited from Bush.
Obama is trapped by his own propaganda, the victim of his own myth. He came to power on the strength of his supposed genius; his messianic transcendance. He was destined to make the world America’s friend; usher in a world without nuclear weapons; and fundamentally transform the nation. He was even going to make the oceans fall. Why he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in anticipation of achievements he had not yet even attained.

It is these expectations that weigh down on him like lead. Had Obama not made any of these vaunting boasts he might not look like the fool he is now. But as his speech on “Red Lines” exemplifies the teleprompter can write check his autopen doesn’t even know how to sign.

Perhaps the only remaining reason for striking Syria without first deciding policy is simply to demonstrate to low information voters that he’s still President; that he can still do something, even if that something is pointless. The dangers be damned.
Given that Obama's record so far, this will not end well.  Obama Administration: Its Incompetence Is Historic

The Russians laugh: Russian Deputy Premier Calls West ‘Monkey With Hand Grenade’ 


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  2. Ever since the debacle in Iraq, Tom.


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