Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free market test

Obamacare Relies on People Making Bad Choices
Think about it. The crux of Obamacare, the most basic thing essential to its success, is that millions of people have to do something that is not in their economic interest. They have to act against themselves, or the program doesn’t work.
As Obamacare gets set to launch, the young are being TOLD to buy health insurance and drop their money into the system, basically to subsidize insurance for their elders and the sick. Not to mention subsidizing all the freebies that Very Smart People have have determined everyone must be given by their insurers.

It won't work - but liberal programs never do. Republican squishes think letting it fail is a good plan. But in every previous instance of failed liberal programs, the liberals did not learn their lesson. They just doubled down and made it bigger and more expensive. Second verse same as the first.

Republicans or the TEA party must kill this monstrosity.


  1. I have worked for more than 40 years and carefull and responsibly planned my retirement. I have planned for my financial security, health security, I have insurance for my car, health, house, and an additional umbrella policy to protect all my plans in case of some nut job hires a lawyer to torment me. Now I am going to loose my keystone health insurance because of some wanna-be community organizer. Too bad I cannot buy "OMG, My President is an Idiot" insurance!

  2. Then decline your Social Security payments and Medicare. Take care of yourself!

  3. "Too bad I cannot buy "OMG, My President is an Idiot" insurance!"

    Well, if you could have the underwriter would have gone bankrupt long, long, ago!


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