Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grassroots takeback

Total Recall

Former State Senators Morse and Giron

Following the concession of Senate President John Morse in his recall election in Colorado Springs, Senator Giron in Pueblo is warming up her vocal cords for her own concession speech.

With 75% reporting, the “Yes” on recall vote was winning 60%-40%. (Update Final: 56%-44% Yes)

Giron’s recall was spearheaded by a plumber from Pueblo named Victor Head. His group Pueblo Freedom and Rights and their 100% volunteer effort succeeded in gathering enough signatures to put the recall on the ballot, with a signature validity rate of 94%.

By comparison, the professional effort to get the billion dollar tax hike on November’s ballot cost over $750,000 and had a 54% validity rate.

Victor’s group had virtually no money — even going so far as to spray paint their own yard signs to save money. They were outspent by the groups backed by billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg by 10 or 20 times.

These two races are huge losses for Democrats. According to an analysis by the liberal Mother Jones, Obama won Morse’s district by 21% in 2012. He won Giron’s by 19%. That’s a victory for conservatives deep in Democratic territory.

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