Monday, October 21, 2013

Fixing Obamacare

President Obama knows just what to do.  He is going to give a speech.  Today.

Seriously folks, the website code, architecture and hardware may be "glitch", but that just hides the underlying problem.

In order to code something, for example a game of solitaire, the first step is to understand the rules of the game.  They have to be clear and logical.  The next step is for the programmer to translate the rules into a computer language.  Each step is small.  Each step must clearly lead to the next.  Conflicts and ambiguity are not allowed, even by imperial presidential decree.

This is the O-game-
Obviously we're going to need a bigger speech....


  1. Seriously, a “glitch” is a minor problem. Webster’s defines it as “an unexpected and usually minor problem”.

    Well, here we go again with “unexpected” … this administration has (pardon the pun) capitalized on the use of this word. Unexpected unemployment, unexpected costs, unexpected has now been redefined by this administration as “since we have no experience and we are not learning, this is going to happen over and over”.

    Now on to “minor problem”. Let’s use the analogy of operating a car. A minor problem may be a window that doesn’t roll down, or a headlight that works just 50% of the time, or maybe even a windshield wiper that leaves streaks across the window, leaving the view somewhat distorted.

    This computer issue is not a glitch. What we really see here is that this the we are being asked to buy a lemon won’t even start! It does not run, it is stuck in Park Also all the tires are flat and the gas tank is empty. Would YOU trust these people with your HEALTH?

  2. More so than the opposing party, which has only one answer to health care costs: if you get sick and can't pay to get better, then die.

    1. You could write that you don't like the Republican approach - (do you even know what it is?) Probably not.

      Here are a few high points:
      1) Make insurance nationwide like car insurance instead of restricted to state lines. Notice how car insurance companies compete for lowest rates?
      2) Do not require universal coverage items, O-care REQUIRES that my policy has coverage for birth control and pregnancy - I'm 60 and I'm paying for it.
      3 Tort reform - set reasonable limits and cut malpractice fees built into every visit
      And so on - Again you may not like these points and may disagree, but to say there is none is just ignorance and blind following of the Dem talking points.


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