Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can it be fixed?

From Ace of Spades - what went wrong

Healthcare.gov: what to expect next
So, let's look at all the failure factors that have been revealed so far in the Healthcare.gov debacle.

[0] A badly-written law, based on unsustainable economic assumptions, multiplied into 11,000+ pages of regulations. (Ashton's Law)
[1] The wrong people and organizations.
[2] The wrong organizational structure (Conway's Law).
[3] Changing and politically deferred requirements.
[4] A big bang approach (instead of an evolutionary one) (Gall's Law).
[5] Trying to fit "five years of development into two years".
[6] Doing an incredible poor and late job on software quality assurance, including (but not limited to) testing.
[7] Going live before the system was ready.
[8] Trying to fix the system while keeping it (mostly) up and (mostly) running.
[9] Adding manpower to a late project (Brooks' Law).
What comes next
There are two basic courses that a project such as this takes at this point: oscillation or off-line.
Oscillation is what happens when the developer continues to push ahead, attempting to fix/stabilize a live system. The system may improve marginally, but then new problems are uncovered and/or introduced by the on-going changes. I have seen projects go like this for months, with the essential fixes perpetually 4 to 8 weeks away, and the system never really behaving acceptably.

Off-line is the wiser move. The system is taken down for the time being, and an effort is made to make it acceptable.
There's more at the link. It's an entertaining and informing post about this massive fail.

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