Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Plan C - Even The Rats Abandon Ship

Washington Post: Despite Obama Promise, Health Site Won't Be Fixed By Month's End.

Rep. Kurt Schrader, a Democrat from Oregon: 'President Was Grossly Misleading'.

Feinstein: "I have decided to cosponsor Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) legislation: Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act."

CNN’s Dana Bash: Friday ‘De Facto Deadline’ Before Dems ‘Defy’ Obama, Back GOP’s Obamacare Fixes

Just minutes before the White House slammed a House GOP bill aimed at President Barack Obama’s “if you like it, you can keep it” promise regarding health care plans, the No. 2 House Democrat said he was open to supporting the proposed change to the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. So they plan to slap a bunch more clap-trap onto an already to long and complex "law" to "fix" it. Well IMHO there is no fixin' it. It isn't worth the 3000 or so pages it took to attempt to spell out the gobbledygook. No one read it no one can understand it and it defies interpretation and implementation.


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