Monday, November 18, 2013

"I know!"

President Obama
"OK. On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as — the way it was supposed to. Ha[d] I been informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity, a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work."
This essay from Walter Russell Mead is worth reading in it's entirety.  I've include a few excerpts, but really - read the whole thing.

The Most Shocking Obamacare Revelation
...Reflect on that for a moment. The President of the United States is sitting in the Oval Office day after day. The West Wing is stuffed with high power aides. His political appointees sit atop federal bureaucracies, monitoring the work of the career staff around them. The President has told his core team, over and over, that the health care law and the website rollout are his number one domestic priorities.

And with all this, neither he nor, apparently, anyone in his close circle of aides and advisors knew that the website was a disaster. Vapid, blind, idly flapping their lips; they pushed paper, attended meetings and edited memos as the roof came crashing down. It is one thing to fail; it is much, much worse not to see failure coming. There is no way to construe this as anything but a world class flop.
....some messes are too big to ignore. As more people reflect on the President’s extraordinary press conference, the public sense that the President and his team just aren’t up to the job will inevitably grow. It was a jaw dropping moment of naked self revelation, and the more one reflects on it the more striking it becomes. The President of the United States didn’t know that his major domestic priority wasn’t ready for prime time—and he thinks that sharing this news with us will somehow make it better.
What adds spice to this essay is the fact that Mead is/was an Obama supporter and wrote about voting for him.

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  1. This declaration of ignorance strains credulity. Maybe the only person he holds responsibility for that ignorance is himself and that is why no one is fired. The picture I envision is his staff standing around talking, but he has his fingers in his ears and his tongue wagging, so no information gets through; they tried. However, he is a committed narcissist, so personal responsibility is rare if not impossible. I suppose his vision of inner greatness allows him to translate every failure into another proof of success.


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