Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cold yesterday, cold tomorrow, and cold all next week.

I blame AlGore

It's been cold all week in the usually mild climes of Grand Junction.  A heavy snowfall last week still lies frozen and white and icy on the ground.

Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week
Quite an imbalance in weather records this week. Even the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco where the best and brightest global warming scientists were meeting was surrounded by record (such as 25F in San Jose Dec 9th) and near record setting low temperatures, though the irony was lost on many of them.
Cairo Sees First Snowfall In 100 Years

The Global Warmist Guys are starting to look like those cultish fanatics who meet on a mountain top to welcome our new rulers from the Planet Sciency. When the flying saucers don't show, they never admit their whole expectation is bogus.  Rather they just insist a "slight" miscalculation was made predicting the arrival date.


  1. These are scientists hooked up with the folks in DC that are telling us what insurance coverage we will need. They are smarter than we, just learn to live with it.

  2. I have ALWAYS said this was a hoax, a farce, BS, whatever. We (in Alaska) have climatological data going back many thousands of years. What we are experiencing is normal noise around our averages. This biggest difference is that now we can instantly communicate the weather each day, rather than reporting on generalities. Generally speaking , IT IS THE SAME.

    ‘nuf said … except that I want my wasted tax dollars back.


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