Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good bye to the truck

I sold my old truck.  It was a  little Chevy S-10.  Not much of a truck, 2WD and 4 cylinders.  But, I've had it for 17 1/2 years.  It hauled kayaks to and from the river.  It hauled bushes and garden plants from the garden center.  And, it hauled  me around the Grand Valley.

Time for some changes.  Time for me to stop clutching and shifting. (Although that is a security feature given that so many can't).  Time to stop slipping and sliding in the snow.

Looking back I see that I wrote a post about the poor little truck during the height of Cash for Clunkers (another "clunker" Obama policy)

From July 28, 2009: Define clunker
I have a 1996 Chevy S-10 pick-up. Do the math. The poor truck is thirteen years old. If truth be told, it’s never been what I would call a high quality vehicle.

My wife thinks it is a clunker. In fact, she refuses to ride in it unless there is no other choice...

But the feds don’t think so. I spent a little time on the site. It turns out that that the feds don’t consider it worth their while to get it off the street. No tax-funded voucher for me. I don't really want one. I was just checking.

What scares me, is that the same people will also decide if my knee is bad enough to need a replacement, or if I should just take a little blue pain pill.


  1. Gene,

    What is replacing your truck? A guy has to have wheels!

  2. How will we know to wave HI, Then we will all be waving HI to someone we don't know.


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