Thursday, September 3, 2015

BLT - quintessential sandwich

The BLT - bacon lettuce and tomato.  Good anytime, but fresh garden tomatoes in the summer make it special.

Start with good bread.  Lightly toasting the bread gives it a little extra texture to hold together.  It even adds to the taste.

Spread a layer of mayonnaise on at least one side.  ( I like both sides.)

Next add a layer of lettuce.

Thick sliced bacon.

Tomatoes picked fresh from the garden.

* Quintessential word play.  The Greeks thought the world was composed of four elements - earth, wind, fire, and water. The fifth  essence (quint essence) was a pure example.
Also there are five ingredients, bacon, lettuce, tomato, bread, and mayonnaise.

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  1. I saw a nifty way to cook bacon the other day, but I can not find the photo. The operation explained by me may suffice.
    1. Take several slices of bacon "original length and cut them in half, so that you have twice as many short slices as you started with.
    2. Lay one strip of the shortened slices on a plate or other suitable device -- near the edge of the chosen device.
    3 Lay several of the shortened strips of bacon on the device (ends overlapping and perpendicular to the first strip.
    4. fold every other strip back the opposite direction, then lay another strip parallel to original strip & fold the folded strips back.
    5. now fold the other strips back. and then another strip parallel to the original strip.
    6. keep doing this until you have "woven" all the strips into an neat little square. toast sized unit.
    7. fry these together until crisp enough for a BLT or a scrambled egg sandwich. Then apply the other ingredients and enjoy the delicious feast before you.

    Note you will get a bite of bacon with each bite of sandwich you get. Ummmm.

    5. fold the


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